S-XGen UMPC has got a fold-out keyboard too

S-XGen UMPC has got a fold-out keyboard too


Set to be exhibited over at CES 2007, the S-XGen UMPC is a little different than most other ultramobiles on the market. It’s quite round and bulbous for one thing, but it’s also got a slim fold-out keyboard so that you don’t have to bumble your way through a messy touchscreen interface when all you want to do is write a short blurb in Microsoft Word.

Of course, this isn’t the first UMPC with a fold-out QWERTY keyboard — Fujitsu and Samsung have done it before — but the S-XGen offering has got connectivity up the wazoo, boasting WiFi, Bluetooth, tri-band GSM, Ethernet, USB, and RJ45.

Powered by an Intel PXA 270 Xscale 520MHz processor, 256MB RAM, and a 20GB hard drive, this UMPC keeps on ticking for a solid hours on a single charge. It’s even got an integrated webcam and a 4-inch TFT touchscreen. No word on when it’ll ship, but the price has been set at $1,400.