micro-USB to replace mini-USB in many devices

micro-USB to replace mini-USB in many devices


As the demand for smaller and thinner cell phones continues to increase, component-makers must shrink their tiddly bits so that they can fit their goods in there. We’ve seen SD cards give way to miniSD and microSD, and it seems that the naming scheme will be much the same for the next-generation USB connector. Moving beyond miniUSB is microUSB.

This new connector technology is designed to replace the miniUSB plugs and receptacles before it, offering a more compact package but just as much speed in terms of data transfer and usability. The microUSB specification fully supports USB On-The-Go (OTG).

It’s unclear who else is going to jump on the tiny new connection standard, but Nokia Director Jouko Junkkari fully supports its “innovative design” and “flexible platform.”