Logitech pumps up the iPod volume with X-240 speakers

Logitech pumps up the iPod volume with X-240 speakers


Logitech is probably one of the best known accessory makers when it comes to computer peripherals (I’m using one of their optical mice right now), but the company has also expanded into accessorizing all your other electronics as well. While the new Logitech X-240 speakers may look perfectly suited to provide you with 2.1 on your desktop computer, they are designed instead for use with iPods, mobile phones, and PDAs. After all, these little handhelds are just as capable of blasting out huge libraries of tunes as Winamp on your PC.

To be showcased at CES 2007, the X-240 speaker system comes with a detachable cradle, plug-and-play capabilities, and “specialized trays for the iPod and Microsoft Zune.” Yes, they’re even showing love for the “welcome to the social” player. If you must, they’ll also work with your computer.

Look for the Logitech X-240 system to start shipping in April and May for the U.S. and Europe, respectively. Price is expected to be around fifty bucks.