Hitachi announces world’s first terabyte hard drive

Hitachi announces world’s first terabyte hard drive


Remember years ago when people said that no one will ever need more than one megabyte of storage, and then they said that the average person would never require one gigabyte? My, how times have changed. Hitachi is keeping up the with the times, offering us unprecedented storage in the world’s first terabyte hard drive. That’s 1000 gigabytes, people.

For the nit-pickers amongst us, Hitachi has defined one gigabyte as 1 billion bytes, and as such, one terabyte is 1000 gigabytes. In this way, they remind us that “accessible capacity may be less”, but who’s going to notice a gig or two missing when you’ve got a thousand of them. As expected, this drive — creatively named the 7K1000 — is a 3.5-inch platter spinning at 7200rpm. They also have a CinemaStar variant designed for DVR applications.

Retail shipping will commence during Q1 (like now?), with a suggested retail price of $399. That works out to just 40 cents a gig.