CES 2007: Microvision’s ultra-miniature full color projector

CES 2007: Microvision’s ultra-miniature full color projector


The next time you want to share those cool vids and pictures with your business associates, you won’t need to lug around a big hefty projector. Microvision has just created what they call the world’s smallest and thinnest full-color projection display prototype. The entire solution is “about the size of a thin mint chocolate candy.”

Ideally suited for PDAs, cell phones, and similar devices, Microvision’s itty bitty projector can be fully integrated into handhelds, allowing the user to go beyond the “small, two-inch displays that are common to mobile devices.” Microvision is aiming to break that barrier and improve the user viewing experience.

The projected image can be about the size of a laptop screen, or if you move a little further away, you can even enjoy an image “the size of a big screen plasma TV.” Awesome. And the display package is abotu 1/10th the size of the company’s original prototype shown in June 2006.