Samsung circumnavigates the earth with STT-D370 GPS

Samsung circumnavigates the earth with STT-D370 GPS


The next time you head out for a family road trip or drive to an unfamiliar part of your home town, you’ll at least know exactly where you are and where you’re heading (regardless of whether you actually want to be there). Samsung has just announced the STT-D370 GPS unit that’ll not only point you in the right direction, but also keep you entertained with its DMB-ness.

The color screen is of ample size, measuring 3.7-inches, whereas the handsfree-ness is totally here as well, offering Bluetooth for your mobile conversations. When you pull over at a rest stop, you’ll also be able to watch your video collection (and jam to a few tunes) too. Rounding out the specs are a memory card slot, regular traffic updates, and a “comprehensive database of maps and POIs.”

We’re not sure when they’ll start shipping, but the Samsung STT-D370 should retail for about $600.