PSPboy: Sony and Nintendo together at last?

PSPboy: Sony and Nintendo together at last?


Still standing on the fence between whether you should jump all over the Nintendo bandwagon or shift your attention to the Sony camp? This latest mod lets you straddle the fence like never before, shoving the full PSP package into a Nintendo Game Boy Color casing. Nintendo chic mated with high-end Sony functionality.

Before you go busting out to your local Walmart or go scouring the web for a how-to tutorial, you should know this: the PSPboy ain’t real. Little more than a nice PhotoShop job, and there’s plenty of reasons why everyone is suspecting as such. For starters, there’s dual analog sticks, and what’s more, you probably couldn’t stuff all the PSP innards into such a small casing.

Sony hasn’t made friends with Nintendo yet, but if Sega can….