Peugeot Moodif: the incredible retracting car concept

Peugeot Moodif: the incredible retracting car concept


It’s not officially endorsed by the French carmaker, but the Peugeot Moodif is quite the interesting proposition, especially when you look at the flexible neck-thing in the middle that allows the vehicle to retract a full 88cm.

Moreover, handling characteristics are said to be improved because that flexible section can turn 18.5 degrees to the left or to the right, literally enabling you to snake around corners. They’ve turned the color scheme on its head as well, offering white tires and black chrome wheels, the former of which rock “six special pads holding sensors [that] provide information and data to the driver, as well as adjust the car to better suit the road conditions.”

The Moodif, despite is aggressive presence, is environmentally friendly too, as there are powerful hydrogen hybrid engines mated to each wheel. The only emission is water. Taking it yet another step further, 80% of this car is made from recyclable or renewable material. Visibility is excellent with the 360-degree one-piece bubble window.