Garmin Astro keeps Fido on a GPS leash

Garmin Astro keeps Fido on a GPS leash


When you head out for a nice hunting trip with the pooch, the last thing you want to do is lose your dog among the bush. Garmin knows this, and has provided a solution. The Garmin Astro 220 is comprised of two parts: a wireless transmitter that is easily attached to your dog’s collar, and a small handheld device with a color display so you can track your canine companion (while he or she is tracking down that duck you just shot).

You can set how often you want the system to update itself, providing you with Fido’s current location as often as every five seconds. The handheld will even display the path that he (or she) was taking. And if you’re more of a pack hunter, Garmin has you covered too, because Astro can track up to ten dogs at the same time with a range of up to five miles (depending on terrain). Of course, you could connect that transmitter to a wandering infant too if you prefer (though juggling ten kids may be a bit of a challenge).

Suggested retail price is $642.84 with an expected launch in Q2 2007.