The 20 pound, ultra-rugged “portable” computer from ACME

The 20 pound, ultra-rugged “portable” computer from ACME


I guess their definition of “portable” is a little different than mine, because the FLP-200 rugged portable computer from ACME is a little on the hefty side at 20 pounds of girth. It’s certainly a lot tougher than your average laptop, though.

It’s not even a laptop, per se, but rather a “portable desktop”. There’s no expansion chassis needed. Inside the box you’ll find a powerful 2GHz Intel Core Duo T2500 processor, at least 512MB of RAM (up to 2GB), and a 100GB hard drive with room for two more hot-swappable RAID drives. Rounding off the specs (and I use the term “rounding” quite loosely) are a 15-inch anti-glare LCD, Ethernet connections, four USB 2.0 ports, FireWire, a DVD-RW drive, and a pair of hot swappable lithium batteries good for 190 watt-hours of life.

It’s tough, it’s complete, and it’s about the size of a “fat attache case.” All that can be yours starting from $3,999.