Super sexy Jaguar C-XF revealed ahead of schedule

Super sexy Jaguar C-XF revealed ahead of schedule


This is one absolutely gorgeous vehicle, with incredibly smooth lines and an aggressive, yet elegant presence. The Jaguar C-XF is scheduled to make its official debut in Detroit later this month, but in the meantime, you can go ahead and wipe the drool off your keyboard.

The roofline almost gives the appearance of a coupe, but this S-Type replacement has got four doors. Unlike many other carmakers out there who are pushing the retro chic, Jaguar says that the C-XF “isn’t about heritage” and is rather about “creating something that’s right for our time.”

And there’s plenty of power under the hood too, thanks to the 4.2L V8 good for about 500hp. That’s a pretty good stable. On the inside, you’ll find anti-retro sculpted seats, carbon-effect trim, and scorched poplar wood trim, as well as a Dual View screen on the dash for satnav and DVD-watching.

No more tired and old designs. This new Jag is a “cool car” that will “attract interesting and edgy people.”