Ford Transit XXL is a really long peoplemover

Ford Transit XXL is a really long peoplemover


It may not be the prettiest vehicle on the block, but the Ford Transit has always been quite the workhorse. With the new XXL variant, it’s going to be working even harder. The stretched-out van — not quite a bus, I’d say, but pretty close — would be perfect for airport shuttles and getting people around tourist attractions and the like.

It’s got two huge sliding doors on either side, making it nice and easy for the passengers to get in and out of the car. And it’s no ghetto transporter either, as the seven passengers (as well as the driver) will be riding in comfort on the leather-trimmed captain’s chairs. The huge luggage compartment in the rear will give plenty of space for your travel gear too.

The 7.4 meter long Transit XXL is comprised of two Tourneo models chopped and fused, but it won’t set any speed records as it only rocks a 2.2L turbodiesel, providing a mere 130hp.