Trackable clothing uses embedded GPS modules

Trackable clothing uses embedded GPS modules


This puts a whole new wrinkle on tracking people.

As long as their clothing is C.A.T.S.eye Trackable Clothing, they are blasting their GPS location which can be monitored from any Internet connection. There’s really no range restriction, because all someone has to do is walk by a WiFi hotspot, and we know how common those are.

The Trackable Clothing can also sense movement and nonmovement and emit LED light (of the flashing or the permanent variety), giving new meaning to “Let there be light.”

Specific pieces of clothing to feature the technology include safety jackets, wet-weather jackets, satchels, and backpacks. All contain the company’s specific tracking device, which is waterproof and can stand up against repeated washing.

The company, which excels in this sort of tracking, expects to incorporate the technology into military and life jackets as well, eventually, adding a search-and-rescue functionality that would certainly suit hikers who get themselves lost or snowed under.

Look for the C.A.T.S.eye display at CES.