NOVOMAX iPod shuffle look-a-like card reader

NOVOMAX iPod shuffle look-a-like card reader


Sorry to disappoint all the Apple fanboys in the audience, but this is not the third generation iPod Shuffle. It’s pretty darn close though.

Shifting our attention over to NOVOMAX, we have ourselves the Joypot CP C210 (I can understand the “joy” part, but how exactly is this a “pot”?), a display-less MP3 player that doubles as a card reader. It tips the scales at 25 grams before you factor in the AAA battery needed to run the show. On-board, you can get one that lacks internal memory whatsoever right up to a unit with a full gig. Extra space comes via the SD/miniSD/MMC card slot.

Rounding out the features are USB 2.0, five equalizer modes, and about ten hours of battery life. And although it comes in black or white, there doesn’t appear to be any clippy goodness going on here.

No word on pricing or availability.