Autonet Mobile makes WiFi mobile

Autonet Mobile makes WiFi mobile


There’s no need to go hunting for a WiFi hotspot in order to check your email. Just grab this Autonet wireless unit and it’ll blast that WLAN goodness all around your car. We can’t say for sure, but from what we can gather, it essentially translates the EV-DO network offered by Verizon into a usable WiFi signal in your car. They claim that this is the first car-ISP.

Alternatively, you could grab one of those EV-DO wireless cards for your laptop, but to share that juicy webby connection, you’d have to do it ad hoc style. This makes it more like your home wireless network, powered by a wireless router.

The Autonet Mobile wireless unit retails for $399, whereas the EV-DO service from Verizon will cost you about fifty bucks a month.