Power from above: GPS runs on sunlight

Power from above: GPS runs on sunlight


Humans have worshiped the Sun, in various degrees of piety, for thousands of years. It’s easy to see why: From the Sun we get light and Vitamin D and power.

The relevance here is solar power, and that’s the unique feature of the i-Blue 757 from Transystem, a GPS device that can soak up the Sun’s rays and work for 100 hours (or 30 if you want to escape the Sun’s rays but still want to work the device). The GPS receiver is a Nemerix, with 16 channels.

It’s also Bluetooth-capable, so it can play nice with PDAs, mobile phones, and other data devices. The Bluetooth feature of the i-Blue 757 stays on permanent standby, so hooking up a PC to get a new GPS fix is as easy as 1-2-3.

The other cool feature (and this one definitely deserves special mention) is the clamshell design. The receiver folds down on top of the display when not in use, making it a very compact device, not much larger than a mobile phone and certainly the size of a PDA.

What we can’t tell you at the moment (and it’s simply because we don’t know) is the price and availability. Details on both should be forthcoming. We hope that Transystem will enlighten us soon.