Novomax BTS200 enables dual mobile conferencing

Novomax BTS200 enables dual mobile conferencing


The Novomax Bluetooth Soundstation car kit supports two mobile phone connections at the same time. Basically, it means that you can get those early morning conferences started much sooner, and carry on a simultaneous conference with dual mobiles.

We all know how distracting one phone conversation can be, now imagine two. Of course, this could mean that your passengers can have a conference while you are doing the driving. As long as it doesn’t distract you from keeping your eyes on the road.

The BTS200 has easy-to-use buttons and a cool-looking OLED that can display caller ID and even your phonebook. Talk time is 6 hours, and standby time is 100 hours.

Even if you don’t use the BTS200 to its full potential and have just one mobile phone conversation in your vehicle, you’ll certainly enjoy its sleek design.