Latest innovation in wireless charging

Latest innovation in wireless charging


Wireless charging is in. At least that’s the impression we’re getting with the relative plethora of wireless charging technologies emerging these days. Now comes another company, eCoupled, with its promise of a portable device charging solution.

Details are still sort of sketchy. We do know that big guns like Motorola and Herman Miller are onboard as commercial partners, as are Visteon and Mobility Electronics. We do know that electromagnetism is involved down deep, in that inductive coupling transfers energy from one device to another across a shared magnetic field. And that you should be able to take your mobile or iPod from your home to your office, charging it in your car all the way without doing anything other than taking it along for the ride.

eCoupled says it has cleared a major hurdle in wireless charging: sustaining power over a considerable distance between fields. The reports are that power loss is just 2 percent, in the neighborhood of wired connections.

Word on the street is that eCoupled will be presenting at CES, which isn’t all that far away, really.