iHolic: for the portable music and video junkie

iHolic: for the portable music and video junkie


There are alcoholics and workaholics, and then there are people who are addicted to mobile music and video. For those folks, there is the iHolic MP3 player from Dacos Technology. When you just can’t get enough portable entertainment, the iHolic provides you with your fix, expanding its memory via a standard SD memory card slot. The built-in memory, however, isn’t all that plentiful, with options for 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB.

In addition to music and movies, you can also bust out the family album via the image viewer, and make a quick note using the voice recorder. Naturally, as this is Korea-bound product, the iHolic also features DMB reception. The 2.4-inch TFT LCD isn’t the biggest (but neither is the iHolic), but what’s awesome is that it seems to come bundled with a cradle (with built-in speaker) and a remote control.

No word on pricing.