HD-DVD cracked, AACS DRM dismantled (Video)

HD-DVD cracked, AACS DRM dismantled (Video)


In order to protect their interests, record companies and movie studios have worked hard to developed uncrackable DRM solutions so that you can’t just rip their music and vids, sending them all over the world via the interweb. Hollywood’s greatest effort thus far as been the AACS DRM system developed for HD-DVDs. Too bad it has now been hacked.

A software tool known as BackupHDDVD (creative, I know) claims that it can decrypt and dismantle AACS on a Windows PC. Apparently, you “just feed the small utility a crypto key, and it’ll dump the video right off the disc onto your hard drive, supposedly playable in any HD DVD compatible player.” Just as people figured out how to rip songs from CDs and movies from DVDs, they can now get their hi-def video from HD-DVDs.

Does it really work? Check out the vid below.