Windows Smart Remote connects via WiFi, gets RSS feeds

Windows Smart Remote connects via WiFi, gets RSS feeds


Developed by tv Compass, the Smart Remote appears to target the same segment of the market as those awesome Logitech Harmony units with one notable difference: This thing’s got WiFi. As a result, you can not only control all of your home theater equipment — big-screen TV, cable box, DVD player, audio amplifier, etc. — with a single handheld device, but it can also receive automatic updates via your home wireless network and keep your RSS feeds popping up on that mini screen.

With this unique connection, you can get “the latest weather, sports and news provided by click365” right on the Smart Remote’s color display. This same screen can also be used to “browse your personalized TV program guide.” And get this, it’s Windows Embedded.

All those buttons may be a little daunting, but you’ll need them all to keep up with all this functionality. No word on pricing, but the Smart Remote has just been FCC approved.