Toyota FT-HS sports car concept is fast and furious

Toyota FT-HS sports car concept is fast and furious


The soon-to-be-named world’s top automobile manufacturer is pumping out photos and info on a hybrid-powertrain sports car concept that brings back memories of the company’s Volta, a flash in the pan of two years ago. The FT-HS, though, has slightly less horsepower and a slightly sleeker design. The 3.5-liter engine boasts 292 horsepower in its DOHC V6 and 197 in its electric motor. The design is impressive, too, in that it’s a 2 + 2.

Toyota has set aside a few of their very popular sports cars – the Toyota MKIV Supra the Celica, and MR2 Spyder. This may be why the Toyota FT-HS will be brought to market, to replace the lost loved ones for Toyota enthusiasts.

Other fun stuff: a retractable roof folds back onto the back seats, and the steering wheel has no hub. It goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds. Price is expected to be between US$30,000 and US$40,000. Which of those features stays with the concept through to its final production is anyone’s guess.