Toshiba caters to fashion-conscious kids with TS605

Toshiba caters to fashion-conscious kids with TS605


It may not have the incredible multimedia functionality of the Nokia N95 or the business-oriented applicability of the BlackBerry Pearl, but the Toshiba TS605 slim candybar brings something very special to the table: your choice of a pink or green paintjob. If you’ve got to be boring, then they’ll also sell you the silver and black version instead.

Destined for the European market, the Toshiba TS605 is a budget-minded handset with some rather entry-level features, including a meh-worthy 1.3 megapixel camera and 1.93-inch 260k TFT LCD. It’s skinny like a SLVR at just 10.3mm thick, and probably comes with some sort of music player if the microSD slot is any indication.

No word on pricing, but this phone “targeting [the] young generation” should be heading to Europe some time soon.