MasterCard PayPass gets a wave to pay the toll

MasterCard PayPass gets a wave to pay the toll


Maybe I’m just a little naive because we don’t really have all that many tolled roads around these parts, but if you happen to be taking the Ohio Turnpike, you’ll soon have another option for paying your toll. The MasterCard PayPass will soon be accepted at “select exit tolls”, allowing for a complete contact-less solution. It’s not quite as easy-breezy as the EZ-Pass (which lets you drive right on through at 60mph, rather than coming to a complete stop at the booth), but it could make things a lot easier for people who don’t enjoy fumbling with change.

Whether this actually speeds up the process, however, remains to be seen as it would take just as long as any other credit card transaction, meaning that the account would have to be verified, a receipt would have to be printed, and so on. That process could easily take longer than tossing some quarters and dimes into a hopper.

Well, Ohio is partaking in a three month trial with the PayPass technology from MasterCard. Heck, even the vending machines in the area are outfitted with readers.