Cowon D2 boasts “enhanced video playback”, touchscreen LCD

Cowon D2 boasts “enhanced video playback”, touchscreen LCD


There are a lot of MP3 players out there that will also bust out movies, but there aren’t all that many that come with “enhanced video playback.” The Cowon D2 can make that claim because it supports 30fps video, as well as a good supply of formats like H.264, MPEG4, and WMV9.

Other goodies include a 2.5-inch touchscreen with 16 million colors, a “virtual click GUI” (graphical user interface), and — as is the norm with so many handheld electronics in Seoul — T-DMB connectivity for catching Korean dramas on the go. The difference here is that the Cowon D2 doesn’t need an extra antenna.

The memory is expandable, a stylus is included for the touchscreen, and there’s even a little kickstand thing for some handsfree viewing. Battery life has been rated at 52 hours, 10 hours, and 9 hours for music, video and T-DMB, respectively. What’s more, you get your choice of black, white, red, pink, or “lime” for the exterior coating.

The base model retails for 209,000KRW (US$225) whereas the DMB-equipped Cowon D2 goes for 249,000KRW (US$268).