Bluestreamer connects streaming tunes, chats

Bluestreamer connects streaming tunes, chats


There’s something about being everything to everybody that really appeals to gadget-makers. Mobile phone companies and MP3 player manufacturers go out of their way to make their products proprietary, and it can be frustrating sometimes to marry an iPod with a Nokia phone, for instance.

This is not a problem if you have the BlueStreamer, from JAYS. This handy device is a Bluetooth-happy connection device that lets you listen to streaming music while maintaining a connection to a PC or mobile phone. You can even take an incoming Skype call without having to switch off your tunes. The BlueStreamer does that for you, patching your call through in a flash. It’s hands-free with headphones, allowing you all kinds of freedom. And it allows non-Bluetooth connections as well, through an audio cable.

The BlueStreamer can crank out tunes for 8 hours and talk time for up to 10 hours. It’s available now, from Sweden-based JAYS, for just over US$100.