A 2-piece bikini … for your iPod

A 2-piece bikini … for your iPod


The Mila Bikini Skin is for your iPod, not for your person (or your significant other’s person).

The idea is to protect the MP3 player but not totally encase it. The bikini is a two-piece (naturally) that covers the top and bottom of the iPod but leaves the scroll wheel easily accessible. The top and bottom snap into place but fold out easily enough to allow earbud and PC connection. The whole thing is made of stretchable polyurethane that should be able to withstand lots of abuse.

One thing the Bikini Skin does really well is store your earbuds, in the attached earbud cord holder. (Those of you who have iPods know what a pain keeping track of those earbud cords can be.)

The Mila Bikini Skin comes in blue, orange, or frost. Each is US$19.99. Supported iPod models are nano and video 30/60/80.