The Apple phone is doomed, and here’s why

The Apple phone is doomed, and here’s why


There’s certainly a lot of hype surrounding the yet unannounced Apple-branded cell phone (which we once knew as the iPhone), with all the Mac addicts anxiously awaiting the prospect of chatting it up on a glossy white mobile. You would think that with the iPod dominating the MP3 player market, Apple would have a walk in the park marketing its cell phone. Bill Ray of Reg Hardware disagrees.

He says that integrating iTunes into a cell phone has already been done — the Motorola ROKR, for example — but “maintaining the features which made the iPod so popular in a mobile phone will be much more of a challenge.” The “amazing industrial design” and “well designed interface” are what won people over, and it was much more the former than the latter. Ray recalls how “sickening” it was to listen in on a conversation between two iPod lovers wherein they discussed “their overwhelming admiration not for the product, but for the box in which it came.”

But that’s not why the Apple phone will fail. It’s because Stevie Jobs has to sell the handset not to consumers but to network operators. Check out the full article through the Read link for Bill Ray’s complete discussion.