Sleek and fashionable, Dyne unveils Tuny 9 and Tuny 11 DAPs

Sleek and fashionable, Dyne unveils Tuny 9 and Tuny 11 DAPs


It might be a little late to buy one of these for Timmy for Christmas, but you can still splurge and grab one as an early Valentine’s present to yourself. Dyne has just announced a couple of new additions to their MP3-playing lineup: the long-lasting Tuny 9 and the nano-esque Tuny 11.

The Tuny 9 will be available in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB variants, all of which will boast a solid 2-inch 260k color screen, with full support for MP3, WMA, and OGG audio, as well as MP4 video as a not-so-good 10fps. You’ll also get FM radio, line-in recording, TV-out, and a solid 18 hours of juice when listening to music (8 hours for video). What’s more, the Tuny 9 also rocks the Bluetooth.

If you’re more of the fashion over function type, then you can mosey on over to the Tuny 11, a DAP that bears a striking resemblance to the iPod nano, slim profile (7.9mm) and all. Battery life isn’t quite as good as its Tuny 9 cousin (8 hours audio, 3 hours video), nor is the display as big (1.7-inch) and colorful (65k color), but you’ll get the same trio of choices when it comes to storage capacity. No Bluetooth this time around either.