Scale tracks vital metabolic data via flash drive

Scale tracks vital metabolic data via flash drive


This is just a perfect product for this time of year. You know what I mean: We’re in the middle of the Eating Season, which starts at Halloween and ends at Easter, then starts up again just in time for Christmas. All these big-eating holidays strewn throughout the end of the year. All the better to have a high-tech gadget to remind us just how much weight we’re gaining.

That’s where the BC-500 comes in. It’s a scale from Tanita, and it can log a month’s worth of data for up to four people onto a USB flash drive, which can then be unplugged from the scale and plugged in to your PC or laptop for analysis.

The best part about the BC-500 is that it has a suite of sophisticated sets of data, including body mass index, basal metabolism level, and even fat level of internal organs. It represents this data in graphs that you can easily understand and export to spreadsheet programs. Of course, you could just look at the scale and track your weight. It does that, too.