Purse flashes, vibrates when you get a call

Purse flashes, vibrates when you get a call


I’m not sure if this is a status symbol or not. It seems like a rather roundabout way to let people know that you’re getting calls.

It is a handbag from Esquire that has been specially designed to announce that a call is incoming on the purse-holder’s mobile. See, you place that little chatting device in a special pocket and turn the flap down. Then, you wait. If you’re wanting to show off and you’re lucky, then you’ll get a call while you’re out shopping with friends. The second your phone starts ringing, a strategically placed LED light starts flashing and your whole purse starts vibrating. Everyone within two department store aisles will know that you’re getting an incoming call.

OK, so it’s not that demonstrative. But we wonder if it’s a bit on the ungainly side. Seems like if you’re walking, you might not notice that the purse is vibrating right away and you might not be able to stop, fumble in your purse for the phone, get the phone out, open the clamshell, and say hello before the answering machine kicks in. Then again, maybe all you need is practice.

In case you don’t particularly like that handbag, don’t despair. Esquire can install the LED-vibrator technology in any handbag you want. Oh, joy!