First commercial: Nokia N95 hits airwaves

First commercial: Nokia N95 hits airwaves


We’ve been itching to get our hands on the slide-both-ways Nokia N95 smartphone for some time now. You still can’t have it, but at least you can check out this commercial advertising the phone.

For refresher’s sake, the Nokia N95 rocks a monstrous 5 megapixel camera (with DVD quality video), as well as an integrated media player (with slide out controls), a huge 2.6-inch QVGA display, built-in GPS, WiFi, incredible 3D graphics courtesy of ATI, and 150MB of internal memory. They’re saying it’s just as good as a computer.

The Nokia N95 won’t come cheap when it ships in February 2007, but you’ve got to pay to play. Oh boy, how much fun it would be to play though…