Drive on: a satellite video recorder for your car

Drive on: a satellite video recorder for your car


Connecting the dots better than most is the Mobile Broadcast Corporation Japan, which brings you a satellite TV recorder for your car. We’ve had satellite TV, and we’ve had car stereos that can record. Now we have all of that functionality tied into one device.

The MBR0201 can record both audio and video onto its hard disk or your own miniSD cards. We’re not sure if you can record from an outside DVD player, but you can certainly store all sorts of satellite radio and TV programs and watch and listen at your leisure.

It is proprietary in that once you record something, you have to view it on that same receiver. It has no restrictions on the channels from which you can record, however.

The price is rather reasonable for what you get, at 65,000 Yen or US$550. And remember folks, no watching recorded video while driving.