Brando MP3 player/card reader lets you add the memory

Brando MP3 player/card reader lets you add the memory


I had an uncle who would take me on scavenger hunts when I was a whee old lad. His favorite phrase was, “There’s more there than meets the eye.” This saying goes well with the Brando USB MP3 Player + SD/MMC Card Reader.

This deceptively simple-looking device actually packs quite a bit of technology and functionality into something that looks like a pillbox. Not much bigger than the one AAA battery that powers it, the DAP and card reader accomplishes both functions at the drop of a hat. It plugs into any USB port, meaning that you can drag and drop digital tunes to your heart’s content. And, like that other MP3 player named after something you sit your camera on to keep it steady, it can also function as a portable hard drive.

The secret within is the SD card. Which are, of course, expandable based on your own taste in storage capacity. You can get a 4GB SD card these days for not a whole lot of cash. Even 2GB SD cards seem to be a dime a dozen. You can also plug in that SD card and transfer data back to your PC. It’s a small hard drive as well.

The Brando device costs just US$15, so that’s your starter price. Add SD storage as you please, and you have a very attractive alternative to other portable music players.