America-bound? Mercedes Benz B-Class subcompact

America-bound? Mercedes Benz B-Class subcompact


The name “Mercedes Benz’ has always had this air of exclusivity and class to it, but maybe DaimlerChrysler is ready for a slightly different approach in the United States. North of the 49th parallel, Canadians can already get their hands on the B-class Mercedes, a compact hatchback with a few upscale goodies. By comparison, the cheapest Benz in the States is the C-class. Looking overseas, there’s the even-smaller A-class.

According to recent reports, DaimlerChrylser may be ready to bring the B-class to Americans, given the increasing demand for smaller, more fuel-efficient peoplemovers. The risk, though, is that they may be over-diluting their brand, especially when you include the prospect of launching the Smart ForTwo in the States as well.

What are your thoughts? Would you consider the B-class?