Video: Playing Super Mario Bros. on OLPC XO

Video: Playing Super Mario Bros. on OLPC XO


OLPC stands for “one laptop per child” and the project was originally intended to be a venture in education, but it’s per child, so you’ve got to keep those little ones entertained too right?

It seems that a couple of college kids took a break from their ABCs and 123s, managing to emulate the legendary Super Mario Bros series on the $100 OLPC XO (there’s no clip of SMB2, but they got SMB1 and SMB3 going on there). Too bad the guy playing it isn’t very good. He can be spotted jumping into piranha plants and running into goombas, but his emulation skillz are teh l33t.

The emulation does seem to lag at times (near the middle of the clip), but in general, things are running pretty smoothly. Kudos, my Nintendo-loving brethren. Kudos.