i-Nickel offers portable MP4 on the cheap (Video)

i-Nickel offers portable MP4 on the cheap (Video)


Ballin’ on a budget can be quite the difficult endeavor, especially if you want your portable MP3 player to also bust out videos like none other. If you’ve only got 70 bucks to blow on a media player, the 2GB i-Nickel may be right up your alley. You’ll have to squint those eyes just a little to get through a Peter Jackson epic — it’s only got 1.5-inch display, but at least it’s color.

When you grow tired of music and vids, you can also check out your photo album and listen to FM radio on this thing. The i-Nickel probably wasn’t your first choice when you were picking out your next media player, but it’s dirt cheap. Where it rates on the quality scale, however, is probably a touch questionable.

Product page can be viewed on eBay.