Xethanol to produce ethanol from orange peels

Xethanol to produce ethanol from orange peels


Well, this is certainly an appealing proposition. An ethanol company out of Florida is zipping its way through production of a plant that will take all those orange peels that the juice companies no longer need and turn them into orange peels.

The company, Xethanol, says that the plant will be able to churn out 50,000 gallons of ethanol in just one harvest, with the ultimate goal being 10 times that. That’s an astounding 500,000 gallons of ethanol from nothing more sophisticated than orange rinds. (For those who prefer international measurements, that’s 190,000 liters a season and 1,900,000 liters a year.)

That’s a whole lot of waste being turned into not-waste. And, it’s certainly a more palatable idea than taking the nation’s corn crop away from the people and animals in order to power cars.