Vertu Signature Cobra coils up precious gems

Vertu Signature Cobra coils up precious gems


Try to picture the target demographic for the Vertu Signature “Cobra.” This person has got to be rich, eccentric, and perhaps a little angry at the world. The image I have in my mind is Cruella de Vil. This has got to be one of the oddest looking handsets we’ve seen in some time. Behind that fake snake coiling its way around the front, however, is a fairly inconspicuous Vertu candybar, except that it’s rocking a soft pink paintjob.

You’ll notice that the evil serpent is protecting quite the round white diamond in the bottom right hand corner, as well as the pear-cut rock near its head. You’ll also fine a pair of emerald eyes and 439 rubies. I guess that’s why this phone will put you Cruella back a hefy $310,000. Supplies are limited to just eight units worldwide.

If you want to cheap out and only spend $115,000, Vertu is also making the Signature Python, which is essentially the same phone except without the rubies.