T-Mobile bans adult content on Blackberries

T-Mobile bans adult content on Blackberries


The Internet is a wide open space. Users can view anything under the sun, which can be both great and horrible, depending on your point of view. T-Mobile is one of the better carriers at providing safety mechanisms for its users, particularly its Content Lock.

The Germany-based mobile provider is extending this feature to the BlackBerry, bringing the advanced filtering mechanism into the hands of a whole new audience. If young hands get hold of a Blackberry, they won’t be able to access inappropriate content. Content Lock bars them from viewing gambling and adult-rated sites and chat rooms that don’t have moderators.

If you like accessing those kinds of sites, then you’ll need to remember that Content Lock comes pre-installed in the On position, so you’ll have to flick a few buttons to turn it off. Otherwise, if user protection is your top priority, you’re golden.