MobiBLU squares up, announces Cubisto DAP

MobiBLU squares up, announces Cubisto DAP


Some companies opt for the slimmest of the slim, but MobiBLU has carved itself a niche segment of the market with their right-angled music players. The latest addition to the lineup is the Cubisto, a budget-minded DAP in a cube-shaped form.

Like its predecessors, the MobiBLU Cubisto doesn’t rock any crazy specs or features, but it looks awful cute dangling from your neck. Bear it mind that it’s not that much bigger than a sugar cube, but it can still blare out your favorite MP3, WMA, and WMA DRM files. Battery life is rated at around eight hours.

Presumably available now (just in time for last minute holiday shoppers), the 1GB and 2GB MobiBLU Cubisto — with rubbery tubey thing and all — retail for $90 and $109, respectively.