Hitting a high note with iKaraoke for iPod

Hitting a high note with iKaraoke for iPod


Don’t just bob your head to la Vida Loca, actually live it and let your incredible American Idol-worthy voice come shining through with the iKaraoke accessory for, you guessed it, the Apple iPod.

The iKaraoke, developed by Griffin and marketed by Focal, plugs into the bottom of your produce-inspired music player and turns it into a full-fledged karaoke machine! It includes an integrated FM transmitter (because you’ll obviously want to share your talents with those around you) and — of course — a microphone on a cord so you can belt out those tunes better than Whitney Houston.

What’s more, it has a feature that allows you to cut out the original singer’s voice, leaving you with just the instrumental and your own vocal talents. Now if you can only convince Simon to not say, “That was absolutely horrendous.”

No word on price, but the iKaraoke should be available in Japan as of right now.