Gloves designed with gadget-use in mind

Gloves designed with gadget-use in mind


It can get pretty nippy outside during these cold winter months, but being the geeks that we are, we just can’t leave home without our cool gadgets. These leather gloves, in this way, can be thought of as a gift from God (or rather, a gift from a Canadian company based out of Montreal).

Dubbed the iTWYF (I Touch With Your Fingers), they can keep your digits warm and dry just as well as any other pair of gloves, except you can still “manipulate your toys without stripping your hands naked.” For example, there’s a little nub on the middle finger that can take the place of a stylus for your touchsceen device (the Nintendo DS is used here for illustrative purposes). You’ll also notice that the thumb has a Velcro strap to “espose solely that digit” and the index finger has a leather strip for “target-specific fingering.”

Stylish and useful, the iTWYF gloves cost $45 Canadian (US$39) from the official website.