Control your iPod from afar with Popalive

Control your iPod from afar with Popalive


Okay, let’s see here. Slim, candybar form factor? Check. Glossy white paintjob? Check. Squint-worthy 1.5-inch color screen? Check. Yup, we’ve got an iPod (remote) here. The Popalive Remote from Alive-Style won’t be able to play any music on its own, but — as you can probably guess — it can communicate with your favorite Apple player via bi-directional RF waves. The company says that this allows for signals to be sent through walls.

Simply plug in your favorite Granny Smith or Red Delicious into the Popalive Dock, connect the latter to your stereo or TV, and then take a nice comfortable seat on your leather couch and lets the tunes come pouring in. Change the track, increase the volume, or do whatever else you crazy kids do with your music these days, all without wires or cables.

No word on pricing, but Alive-Style expects to ship the Popalive Remote before year’s end. Yes, that soon.