Willcom r9 minimalist phone from every which angle

Willcom r9 minimalist phone from every which angle


When I originally reported on the Willcom R9, we didn’t have that much info on it. But the whole minimalist thing is still pretty darn accurate. In any case, a whole whack of pictures of popped up including shots from every which angle and a fairly extensive walkthrough of the menu system, with an official model number: Willcom WS009KE. It still is sexy as hell.

If you recall, Willcom is aiming to get rid of all the unnecessary fluff with this phone, eschewing a camera or a media player, while still pumping in email and wireless internet. The handset measures 124 x 40 x 11.5mm, and it boast such notable features as a W-SIM slot in the top, a mini-USB port, a glowing Willcom logo in the back, scheduler, and integrated search engine (Google, Infoseek, Yahoo!).

For a bevy of snapshots, check out the Read link below.