Video: T-Rex high-powered trike terrorizes test track

Video: T-Rex high-powered trike terrorizes test track


You know, the Canadian-made T-Rex is starting to grow on me. We’ve already seen the video of how it’s made, but what about how it performs? After all, still pictures can’t possibly do justice to a superpowered trike that can go from 0-60mph in about four seconds. And that’s why we found this video of the beast tearing up the race track.

As a refresher, the T-Rex has two wheels in the front, one big fat tire in the back, and a couple of seats that are situated side-by-side, each accompanied by a set of racing harnesses. This “trike with bite” is powered by a 1.2L 4-cylinder engine (courtesy of Kawasaki) good for 187hp. That’s just as much juice as a Lotus Elise, except the T-Rex is half the weight.

The styling of a car, the manueverability of a motorcycle, and an engine that lets you go like stink. Sweet.