Taking the can opener to the Hummer H3

Taking the can opener to the Hummer H3


Set to make its debut at the 2007 North American Auto Show in Detroit next month, the Hummer H3 Open-Top Concept literally blows the roof off. It’s not a convertible in the strictest sense, but it does use the innovative “Ifinivu” sliding fabric roof system. The soft material can fold up and slide all the way to the back of the SUV, providing a completely open air experience to the inhabitants, while also keeping that beefy profile that has made Hummer so famous.

Alternatively, the roof can also be slid all the way to the front, so that the back window essentially becomes non-existant. You can also place that fabric anywhere in between. Presumably, this entire process is powered, so you won’t actually need to roll up the roof yourself like how you do on some other open air vehicles. This same open-top “Ifinivu” (infinite view?) system is apparently set to be implemented in the next Jeep Liberty as well.

Other features besides the sliding roof include blackout wheel wells, 20-inch Rozzi EGO (how fitting) chrome wheels, Mickey Thompson Baja Claw 325/50R20 rubber, custom Townsend lambskin leather upholstery, and OnStar Turn-by-Turn navigation.