Stylish and wireless: Creative SE2300 stereo headphones

Stylish and wireless: Creative SE2300 stereo headphones


It’s just a touch of a misnomer to call the Creative SE2300 headphones “wireless”, because while the connection to the actual audio device doesn’t require a cable, there is that black stringy thing that connects the two earpieces. Operating on Bluetooth technology, these headphones feature a clip-on design coupled with lightweight construction. What results is a “comfortable wearing experience” so you jam to your tunes all day long without missing a beat.

Naturally, the SE2300 supports the A2DP profile for stereo sound, and it’s even got AVRCP (audio/video remote control profile) to let you control the tracks when you need and/or want to. The other piece of the puzzle is the little Bluetooth dongle that connects to any stereo mini-jack.

The headphones provide eight hours of juice on a single charge, with power top-ups coming from either the AC adapter or a USB port. Available now, the Creative SE2300 stereo headphones retail for a penny shy of a Benjamin.