Notebooks filling two-thirds of PC orders

Notebooks filling two-thirds of PC orders


Notebooks have become the computer of choice for consumers. One recent study found that a full 65 percent of all computers sold were of the notebook variety. That is a 15 percent increase over the year before.

Retailers weren’t at all surprised at this news. Notebooks are certainly more portable than PCs, and the prices on those notebooks have dropped heartily in the past few weeks. The average price has dropped 20.8 percent. That’s a good drop and partly explains the 57.7 percent increase in shipments seen very recently. However, prices are beginning to creep up again, no doubt just in time for the holidays.

Printers, however, haven’t kept up. This is perhaps not surprising because printers aren’t exactly as portable as notebooks. Printer manufacturers are singing the blues, to the tune of a 22-percent drop in sales.

What does all this mean to us, the mobile crowd? It validates our belief that mobile technology is the wave of the future. Notebook sales will certainly continue to increase, succeeding even through the fear of exploding batteries and delays over replacements. It also reflects the fact that notebooks are more able to handle even the most sophisticated of games and other graphics-intensive applications.

So if you’ve been looking to upgrade, you might want to wait until after the holidays, if price is a factor.