iPod integration in half of all new 2007 cars

iPod integration in half of all new 2007 cars


This is quite a substantial leap over the previous figure of just 12% in 2006. According to Playlist magazine, a full 50% of new 2007 vehicles will support iPod integration. That’s almost as impressive as the iPod’s 75% market share. Telematics Research Group says that iPod integration is “the most sought after feature”, which I find hard to believe. After all, having airbags and air conditioning are pretty important too.

What’s interesting is that cars that do offer iPod integration mention it just as thus, not marketing in such a way to show some love to other DAP makers on the market. Where’s the affection for Creative? Sandisk? Samsung? And what about the newest kid on the block, Microsoft?

The iPod is not just a portable music player; it’s what people use while at home (via the plethora of speaker docks), while on the road (with all these FM transmitters and “integration”), and even in the shower.